A little happiness in Shanghai - no words needed

Four-leaf clover happiness in Shanghai

When I visited Shanghai for business earlier this week, I used a free afternoon for a walk in the botanical garden. It did not take me long to spot a four-leaf clover on the meadow of a resting area - not in a carefully tended and labelled flower bed - so I picked it. A gentleman walked up to me, obviously interested in what I was doing, but there was no way of talking to each other as I don't speak any Chinese and he spoke no English. Yet, he somehow understood what it was all about and a third person joined us, saying "luck". I had already left with my souvenir in the wallet, then changed my mind and went back to make my four-leaf clover a little gift for the man. He understood, smiled and happily agreed (thumbs up) to a selfie with his friends in the background.

Two days earlier, my Chinese business partners had told me when I explained the idea behind 'Share the luck' that such a concept - a free gift to strangers for the sake of making somebody happy, no strings attached - would be very hard to understand in China.

I think they were wrong.