Happy with four leaf clovers

Hello and welcome to share the luck!

We are Lidia and Uli  and we are very passionate about four-leaf clovers.

Lidia is a professional flautist (www.fluteandmore.com), she loves playing and teaching equally. Her artistic streak and creativity in general bring her new ideas on what to do with all the clovers we find (clover souvenirs).

Uli trained as a biochemist and holds a Ph.D. in plant science. That was not the beginning of his passion for clovers, but it keeps the fire burning. Uli writes regularly about intersting aspects of clover biology and about the statistics of our findings (facts).

We hope you will enjoy our website. If you like it, please share it with your friends and spread the word. Thank you very much.

Share the luck!

Lidia and Uli